An Interactive Learning Community to help you Understand how this Generation thinks, Design a plan to reach the unchurched during the Pandemic, & Develop them into ministry leaders who reach more of their peers
Discover How We Reached
over 10,493 Millennials & Gen Z's
Watering Down the Gospel

And Get Equipped to Do the Same!
**Limited Seating Available - 43 Seats Remaining**
What You Will Discover thru the Mastermind
Key #1: 5 New Values Shaping the Way This Generation approaches Faith & Life
  • How discovering your own worldview will reveal your ministry’s blind spots
  • Why successfully navigating the differences between modernism & postmodernism is the key to getting this Generation to follow you
Key #2: 3 Shifts We Made to
Reach & Retain 4,000 Millennials
  • Why you don't have to water down the gospel to reach this generation
  • Why developing attendees vs. apprentices may be hindering your ministry's growth & retention
  • How leading with doctrine & behavior is keeping them from Jesus
Key #3: How to Design A Plan To Reach This Generation During The Pandemic
  • Why trends & big budgets can't compete with the #1 resource you already possess
  • 3 qualities of a discipleship environment that they flock to
  • 2 actions you can do to reach 15 new people this month
Program Director
James Chambers is the Director of A Faith That Overflows Int'l & creator of - a coaching community equipping leaders on how to grow their ministries to the Millennial generation. He is the author of the 12-lesson video course: How We Reached 4,000 Millennials without Watering Down the Gospel which equips you with the strategies he used to do so.

James and his wife Katherine began in 2005 as an Evangelism Director for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, establishing movements of evangelism & discipleship in cities across the country that reached & retained over 4,000 millennials & 6,000 Gen Z as disciples for the Church.

Now James is a highly sought after conference speaker, trainer & consultant, training ministry leaders for the Luis Palau Association, the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, the C.O.G.I.C., and the Lausanne Congress.  He's equipped over 90 missionaries to advance the Gospel in Romania, Czech Republic, China, Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya; and over 15,000 Believers have been equipped to take the Gospel to one of the fastest growing mission fields- the United States of America.

James is an ordained Pastor through Dove Ministries International with oversight of Pastor Harry Stackhouse, Pastor Jason Dewey & Pastor Cory Ratliff. He also received a M.A. in Evangelism & Leadership from the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College under Dr. Rick Richardson.

Using these same principles, he is currently planting Jesus Generation Church on the Southside of Chicago to supplant the dark violence with the light of Jesus Christ.

His heart is to help you reach the people God's placed in your sphere of influence with the Gospel.
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James Chambers
Sample Teaching from the Mastermind
Excerpt From Module 2:
A New Paradigm for Effective Evangelism That Works in a Postmodern & Post-Chrsitian Society
The Details plus What You Will Receive in the Mastermind:

10 Group Coaching Modules via Zoom video conference (2 hours each)

  • How it works
    • Watch the session's on-demand video before the coaching call
    • During the coaching call we process the content & move into ministry design
    • After call, work with your church's Millennial task force to further design & implement ministry programming 

Reach This Generation On-Demand Course: 12 lessons totaling over 6 hours of teaching that provide the framework we will use to help you design your strategy to reach more of this Generation now

  • Module 1: 5 New Values Shaping Millennials’ Worldview
  • Module 2: A New Paradigm for Evangelism That Works Today
  • Module 3: Creating Discipleship Environments Millennials Flock To
  • Module 4: 3 Shifts to Make in Preaching to a Postmodern Audience
  • Module 5: Navigating the Complexities of Intergenerational Leadership
COVID-19: Mastering Online Ministry  - The same Social Media and Online Advertising trainings that reached 1500 people with the Gospel, launched a new online church, and led 83 people to Jesus all during the Pandemic!
Reach This Generation Action Plan - Design Your Customizable Plan to Grow Your Ministry to this Generation by 20%
Monthly Q & A Video Conferences
Private Discussion Forum - Ask questions and share ideas with other ministry leaders & practitioners in an encouraging online setting.
Bonus #1: LGBTQ Conversations - 5 hr Video Training to understand and disciple those in the LGBTQ community
Bonus #: Playbook to an Evangelistic Movement - How we launched a movement of Evangelistic Discussion Groups to share the Gospel with over 2,000 people.
Registration Deadline:
May 15, 2023
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  • 1st Saturdays
  • 8:00am-10:30am CDT
  • June 3 - May 4, 2023
Group I
  • 3rd Thursdays
  • 9:00 am-11:30am CDT
  • June 15-May 16, 2024
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If you represent a group of pastors or leaders and these times don't work for you but you want to receive the training, email and we can create a new session for your group.

By the end of the Reach This Generation Mastermind...

you'll have established an intergenerational task force who helps you design & implement a leadership pipeline that reaches the unchurched then disciples them into ministry leaders who grow your church.
What Our Students Have to Say...
We are trusted by Ministry Leaders
From Local Church to Para Church - Millennials are being reached in every context

Grew Millennial Membership from 11% to 32%

Now Co-steward of Lily Foundation $1.5 million grant coaching 12 Urban Churches in Ministry to Millennials

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Pastor Harry & Deborah Stackhouse
President, Dove Ministries International

Grew from 63 Millennials to 241 Millennials

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Mike Zientara
Minister LaFayette, Indiana
What Millennials We Reached Have to Say
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